The Salt Path by Raynor Winn

The South West Coast path runs from North Devon via Cornwall to Dorset. It’s 630 miles long. I have walked bits of it, run bits of it and always wondered what it must be like to go the whole way. And now I know. The Salt Path is an extraordinary true story of a couple in their 50s who suddenly find themselves homeless. Not only that but Ray Winn’s husband, Moth, also discovers he has a terminal illness, a degenerative disease, one that requires rest. As their world implodes, the couple turn their backs on the reality and reach for their rucksacks, a tent, the cheapest sleeping bags they can find, and begin to walk and walk and walk. It’s just one foot in front of the other. They survive on very little – fudge, noodles, each other. It is a sobering reflection on homelessness and people’s reaction to their plight. It’s also filled with random moments of humour, the kindness of strangers and peculiar quirks of fate that made me both laugh and almost cry. It is also a glorious reflection of one of my favourite parts of the world and the path that joins it all up, a must read for anyone who has walked even a small part of that way. 

9 thoughts on “The Salt Path by Raynor Winn

  1. Thanks for the review, it’s on the list. You have passed on some cracking recommendations. Any nearer to becoming a published author yourself ? Look forward to you reviewing it here in the future ??

  2. Loved everything about this book – thanks for the recommendation! Cornwall walking holiday in September just booked. But looking forward even more to reading about someone’s adventures on the marathon des sables etc. (tip to friends and family – not allowed out until she’s written at least a chapter…)

  3. Hi Sophie
    Have you seen this author will also be appearing at Cheltenham Literature Festival this year? On Tues 8th Oct in the evening.
    (I have reserved the book from the library- hoping I’ll be able to read it before attending the talk in Chelt!)

  4. Ooh just loved this book. Know the area well and felt that I walked every step with them.
    Don’t know how I would cope if life dealt me such a severe blow

  5. I bought this for my wife. She loved the book and read it in a beat. I am now reading it. It is a great book. Thanks for the heads up. Next on the list is the ‘Tin man’
    Liking your book referrals Sophie ?? Keep up the good work.

    1. Amazing isn’t it. Do read the sequel. It’s lovely too

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