Still Me by JoJo Moyes

I am exhausted after reading Still Me. It’s the third in a series that began with Me Before You, a novel that has reduced even grown men to tears on public transport. And this latest instalment has kept me up late at night and had me waking early in the morning, just so I could find out what happened next. It tells the story of Louisa Clark, now living a new life in New York. Her boyfriend, the handsome paramedic Sam, is still in England but they’re trying the long distance thing. It gets tricky. I’m not going to say any more. But if you loved Me Before You, you will love this one too (a friend at work read Still Me without reading the first two and loved it anyway). Jojo Moyes writes so beautifully and holds your interest from start to finish. Her characters just bounce off the pages and come to life so vividly. As a reader, you feel like they’re your friends. Still Me is not just about Louisa and Sam. It also paints a wonderful vignette of uber rich New Yorkers and the life they lead. I can see why it has shot straight to the top of the bestsellers’ list. Read it when you have time. You’ll want to savour it. And watch out for the bit about the dog (as I discovered near the end) if you’re reading it on public transport. You’ll know which bit I mean. I’ve loved Jojo’s books about Louisa Clark. I’ve been charmed by them. Now I’m rather sad to have finished them. I’m going to miss her.

5 thoughts on “Still Me by JoJo Moyes

  1. I’m thoroughly enjoying working my way through your list of books! I’ve just placed an order for this one with my local library, I’m 238th in the queue for it :O)

  2. Another great read! …thank you again Sophie for you recommendations . We looked again at your website for more ideas for our book club -please can you help us out again ?

  3. Just found your website and I have just finished this book, I made sure I wasn’t reading the end on the train ( the embarrassing sobbing at the end of You Before Me did not need repeating). Loved every page.

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