The Reader on the 6.27 by Jean-Paul Didierlaurent

This is a wonderful quirky story about a man who loves reading yet works in a factory, which pulps and recycles lorry loads of books every day. Guylain Vignolles is in his 30s and lives in the shadows of life with few friends and a job he hates. Every morning he catches the same train to work, the 6.27, and reads aloud, to his fellow passengers, random pages from books that he’s managed to save from the pulping machine. One day he finds a memory stick on the carriage floor, containing the thoughts and musings of a woman called Julie. He becomes fascinated by her writing and sets out to find her. The book became a bestseller in France when it was published a couple of years ago. I actually read it in French first – and have just reread it in English (mainly because I wasn’t sure if I’d understood it all!). The translation is great – it doesn’t take away from the story at all. It’s a really warm hearted, witty tale that leaves you with a smile.

17 thoughts on “The Reader on the 6.27 by Jean-Paul Didierlaurent

  1. Thanks Sophie, I was looking for an alternative to my current book which after 3 attempts just isn’t happening!

    Sounds great 🙂

  2. That sounds like a good recommendation for my Bookclub!

    I like your comment about having read it in French first then rereading in English – I quite often do the same with books in German and French. I also listen to books in Germans and French while I’m out running, as I think it’s good time management!

  3. Very very good!

    Try – ‘All the light we cannot see’ by Anthony Doerr – awesome!

    1. So glad you liked it. I have read ‘All the light…’ – liked it but got frustrated with the narrative by the end. It starts at the end of the story and keeps going back to the beginning. About three quarters of the way through it, I just wanted to get to the end (if you know what I mean!)

      1. Understand completely……try the new release ‘The Tobacconist’…..compelling and will be a 2 day read!!

        Or….’I let you go’
        – Clare Mackintosh…… now that is equally compelling!

        1. Heard about one and have the other – will read them! Thank you

  4. Understand completely……try the new release ‘The Tobacconist’…..compelling and will be a 2 day read!!

    Or….’I let you go’
    – Clare Mackintosh…… now that is equally compelling!

  5. Thank you for recommending this book. I really enjoyed it. I was actually sad on the days that my train wasn’t delayed this week as i wanted to continue reading it for longer.

  6. Sorry Sophie, I agree with Steve. I loved ‘All the light …’. It conjured up wonderful images of Paris streets as her fingers ‘walked’ her way round the wooden models.
    I”m about to start Gustav Sonata. Have you read it?

    1. Try Conclave – Robert Harris…….the politics of the church voting for a new pope and set a few years ahead of now…..intriguing, fascinating and if written based on fact, eye opening!!!

  7. I wish this book had been longer too. Thanks for recommending it as I’d never have come across it otherwise!

  8. Reading this blog made me want to read this book. So thank you! Having read a book for months and struggling with it, I read this with greed , The writing is beautiful. It’s qwerky in the same vain as perhaps the film Amélie, with some characters which are very endearing. I thought it was touching how Giuseppe found meaning in finding his legs. I love a novel that pluks at the heart strings and enjoyed the build up to the ending. And the ending was perfect and it was a beautifully told story.

    1. You make me want to reread it! Such a lovely story. Glad you enjoyed it so much

  9. I loved “The reader on the 6.27”. There is something so beautifully and unmistakeably French about it. I only read it in English but went on to read La Femme au carnet rouge as a consequence and loved it too. A similar style and I would definitely recommend for any other lovers of “the reader”.

  10. I read this in a day. It was bought for me at a happier time but reading it has made me feel reconnected with that time. Brilliantly written. I loved it.

  11. Wonderful! I read this one (loved it!) two or three years ago, and it instantly became a favourite of mine. Delighted to see it on you own list, Sophie!

  12. How l missed this book
    I really enjoyed it ‘The Reader on the 6,27’ Funny ,thoughtful and oh so very French. Every character is interesting and engaging….and it’s all about word,books ,reading, writing and other important things.

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