Lie with Me by Sabine Durrant

A psychological thriller that I couldn’t put down – I read it in hardback and carried it in my backpack when I ran to work, just so I could keep reading in on the way home. Paul, a ‘novelist’ in his 40s, is the unlikeable main character. He’s a bachelor living in London, house sitting for a friend, going out with much younger women, pretending to lead a life that’s a world away from his reality. An encounter with a university friend in a bookshop prompts him to tell a lie to impress. That one lie puts in train a whole course of events that end on a Greek island when the past bites back. There’s a great twist in the book. As a reader I felt like I was sitting in the palm of a hand – with a fist slowly tightening around me.

5 thoughts on “Lie with Me by Sabine Durrant

  1. Felt a similar compulsion when reading this, too. A really classy psych thriller – and I ended up feeling sympathy for the unreliable narrator, Paul. Stylishly written.

    1. Totally agree – surprising turns I wasn’t expecting! Have you read her book Under your skin? Equally good (though slightly freaked me out as it’s about a newsreader who runs a lot!!)

  2. I read this book on your recommendation on twitter and couldn’t put it down either -it was so well written and the ending didn’t disappoint – I went on to read Under Your Skin which I enjoyed too though slightly less – very pleased to discover Sabine Durrant thanks to you! I would highly recommend The Other Typist by Susan Rendell – really thought provoking – The Farm by Tom Rob Smith – (compelling thriller) and I’ve just read Sweet Caress by William Boyd which I loved. I’m currently going through your recommendations and stocking up my kindle! Have also sent your link to my book loving friends. Thank you so much.

  3. Just completed this book – thanks for the recommendation. Hated Paul throughout but as one of our other commenters suggests, I felt sorry for him at the end. Who would have thought folks could be so conniving…

  4. I whipped through this book so fast, it was so hard to put down. Surely the ending leaves itself open to a sequel?

    Thanks for the recommendation!

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