The Haunting of Henry Twist by Rebecca F. John

  1. Another ‘I couldn’t put it down’ debut novel. Set in 1926, it’s the story of Henry and Ruby Twist, a young couple who are expecting their first child any day. They are madly in love and completely devoted to each other. But then Ruby steps off the pavement in London on her way to see a friend. She’s hit by a bus and dies instantly (this all happens in chapter one…I’m not giving much away here). The rest of the book is all about Henry and how he deals with her death. He’s completely haunted by it as the title suggests and the story goes off in twists and turns that I was not expecting. I’m reluctant to say much more for fear of giving away the plot. But if I tell you I’ve given it to friends, family and even my teenage daughter to read, you’ll understand how much I enjoyed it.

One thought on “The Haunting of Henry Twist by Rebecca F. John

  1. Many thanks Sophie for yet another excellent recommendation. I bought this for Mrs B and she loved it so much she devoured it in just a few days.?

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