The Big Picture by Douglas Kennedy

This is quite simply a page turner – a fast-moving, well-written thriller that I read years and years ago but still recommend to people wanting a book they can’t put down on holiday. It’s about a Wall Street banker, with a seemingly perfect life. But he hates his job and then finds out his wife is having an affair with the neighbour. That unleashes a roller coaster ride of a story. As someone once said – don’t start reading this if you’re busy!

3 thoughts on “The Big Picture by Douglas Kennedy

  1. I stayed up finishing this novel until 12.45am this morning – which wasn’t ideal as I had worked late yesterday and had another early start at work today. It just proves how much I enjoyed this thrilling and very clever novel. It keeps moving ( new locations and a fast paced plot) and I simply couldn’t figure how it was going to resolve itself. I looked forward each evening to going to bed and reading a few more chapters in bed. I actually used to read alot, but lost the love, a little over time. Thank you Sophie for this recommendation & reigniting my love of a good book. I thoroughly enjoyed ‘The Big Picture’. Next on my list is now ‘ The Paying Guests’ , from Nuala Carey, Dublin, Ireland.

  2. The best Douglas Kennedy novel I have read is “The Moment”. A love story set predominantly in Berlin in the eighties (before the fall of the wall). Brilliant and haunting. Every time anyone mentions the Cold War, I think of this book.

  3. I read the Big Picture for the first time many years ago. This book is still one of my very few paperback “keepers” that are still sitting on my bookshelf

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